Our annual club meal and presentation evening was a huge success and fun was had by all with a few cheeky drinks added into the mix. The proceeds of the charity raffle, which the club are rounding up to a generous £100.00 are being donated to a charity chosen by the winning team & Quizzy Rascals, Barney

I can now confirm that we will be using a NEW to the club trials site this weekend in Helmsley and NOT Sour Leys Farm. Due to the nature of the access to the trials site all vehicles will need to enter and exit at the same time in a convoy to prevent upset to the land owner.

Hi! Just a quick note to anyone who is looking to come and camp at Whitby, please note the entrance to the site is the FIRST gate you come to. There's lots of yellow signs advertising the Easter carboot. Please turn in there and then take the second gate on your left to come into the site. There will be ylroc yellow triangles at the gate.

It is with great sadness that the club learned today of the passing of one of its members, Chris Linley. Those who knew Chris will remember that he was awaiting a heart transplant, and used to carry a heart bypass machine with him. He received his long awaited transplant in August, but suffered complications following the surgery, and sadly

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